Grace in a Wintry Season

Grace in a Wintry Season Book by Edwin Steinmann in Columbia MO

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From Author Edwin Steinmann:

YouTube Video of Ed Discussing the Book.

I have learned, much to my surprise, given a seemingly indifferent world, one filled to the brim with unmerited suffering, that there is within (and without) us a mind/entity that/who knows us better than we know ourselves, loves us more than we love ourselves and is always trying to heal our woundedness through the dreams s/he (he, she, it) creates in us every night, and sometimes also, visions. Seeing that love imaged in a dream or vision, and feeling it, changes us; we love hir (him, her, it) in return.

Grace in a Wintry Season is a spiritual memoir focused on this dream/vision-creating reality and hir effect on me via a life-transforming inner vision, or mystical experience, and several dreams.

My name for hir is Vita (veeta), meaning Life itself, or better, Life hirself. Vita has a personality; s/he likes likes certain things, certain attitudes, and dislikes others. What s/he really likes is our paying attention to hir.

How far back in spacetime does s/he extend? Even before there was such?

I have lifted some pages from Grace and posted them here. The excerpt consists of some introductory material and chapter 3, my account of a dream titled The Call.

If you are a bit confused about who you are, what you are, and why you are here (I certainly was when I began this inner journey in 1984), you might want to take a look at Grace. Observing Vita at work in the depths of my soul may be of some help to you in understanding what is taking place in yours.

That, at least, is my hope.