Grace in a Wintry Season

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Grace in a Wintry Season Book Front Cover web

From Author Edwin Steinmann:

Edwin Steinmann Author of Grace in a Wintry Season webWhy did I write Grace in a Wintry Season? Because I had to. I have felt an obligation to share an extraordinary inner vision, a “mystical experience,” I had in 1984. The feeling would not go away no matter how often and strongly I objected that I possessed no competence whatsoever to share it. The “Visionmaker,” I think, wants to be related to, consciously, by everyone. That was why, it seems to me, “s/he” (he, she, it) was requiring me to do something about it regardless of how inadequate I felt. But why did/does s/he want to be related to consciously? Because, I think, s/he loves the closeness, the “oneness,” and wants that intimacy with everyone. And perhaps also because s/he fears that our species is not going to make it unless we become far more loving than we are now, and that paying attention to “hir,” feeling hir love, has that effect; it induces love in return. Feeling hir love, we become more loving.  

Do I believe that I have, with Grace,  finally done justice to what I was given in the vision

No. But I am running out of time.