Grace in a Wintry Season

Grace in a Wintry Season Book by Edwin Steinmann in Columbia MO

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From Author Edwin Steinmann:

Einstein reportedly opined that there was only one really important question in life: “Is the universe friendly?” It is the most important question, I think, regardless of whether he posed it.

For many years my answer was “no,” the universe (or Universe) is not friendly; it’s indifferent, or even cruel, given its being filled to the brim with unmerited suffering.

During those years I was not aware of an aspect of reality that, when I eventually experienced it at forty-two, my answer changed to a qualified “yes.” Ever since, I have felt compelled to share my experience(s); I wrote Grace because I had to write it, not because I had illusions of being a writer. Some things just have to be shared.

I have posted the first three chapters of Grace here. Come along with me if you will on a journey into the depths of my soul, and I show you as best I can why my answer changed to a “yes” despite apparently conclusive evidence, universal unmerited suffering, supporting “no.”